1 Year Lockdown x 1 Year UWS

It’s been one year since clubs and cultural venues have been shut down due to the pandemic. United We Stream started as a club-community-driven donation campaign and streaming initiative, created to build an inclusive digital space for club culture in need of a stage. This participatory involvement created a new dimension of cultural events during the Corona crisis and beyond. The 18th of March marks our 1st anniversary.

Together with you we will look back on our history and invite you to experience the story of Berlin’s infamous nightlife. The reason, the place, the platform for our club cultural heritage.

Until now clubs and venues have not been reopened again. Please keep on supporting clubs, artists and people working in culture! Like and share the streams of your favorite clubs and artists. Engagement and Reach is the currency of our generation. 

Thank you so much for your support through these weird times!


The platform was launched on March 18th 2020 with a broadcast from Watergate and has since then attracted over 150 million views in total, appointing United We Stream “The biggest digital club worldwide”. The Streams do not intend to be a substitute for closed clubs, but rather a timeless enrichment.

Within United We Stream Music lovers find low-threshold access to an inclusive variation of DJ streams and cultural programs. Over 2377 artists in 486 locations from 117 regions worldwide have already taken part in streaming and collected donations of around 1.5 million euros.